Integreat is a social enterprise that empowers new citizens in Amsterdam and Copenhagen to greatly integrate by teaching other citizens how to cook authentic dishes from their country in their homes. Marlouk van Es and Amber Woortman are the founders of Integreat.

A few years ago, we met through an international organisation and became friends. We both have a passion for food, cooking and connecting people. As we were lucky enough to travel around the world before the pandemic, we have seen lots of countries and tried many cuisines. Marlouk had an amazing cooking class in Sri Lanka where she was introduced to the local kitchen and the use of fresh ingredients. For Amber, that would be the typical nasi campur dish in Gili Air, Indonesia, where it was prepared in a wooden cottage. We were amazed by the richness of what other cuisines can offer. But why only experience these food cultures when travelling? We discovered that Amsterdam and Copenhagen are both home to more than 180 nationalities and would love to have the the opportunity to learn delicious and authentic recipes from around the world in our own city. That’s why we started Integreat.

We both live(d) in other countries as well and noticed that it was harder to connect with locals. With Integreat we hope to overcome this by connecting people through their mutual love for food and cooking. Food is a great way to connect as it is at the center of all cultures and family gatherings. We have many of our biggest moments in life either preparing or sharing a meal. Teaching others an authentic dish from your cuisine can be a great way to get to know others in your city that have the same passion to cook, connect and eat!

With Integreat we strive to connect many people through their mutual love for food and cooking. We hope you’re as excited as we are!